Charlie Tadlock is a photographic artist from Seattle WA, with a BA in Photography from Montana State University. He is currently pursuing an MFA from Central Washington University. As an artist, his work spans mediums and examines physical relationships both inside and outside the frame. His conceptual interests lie in the American landscape as an object of consumption – and the documentation of the landscape physically as well as socio-politically. His current work addresses the constructed-ness of the aforementioned landscape - along with the cyclical nature of American occupancy of the space. Tadlock’s work has been shown widely nationally in galleries such as the UAF Art Gallery in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, and the Livingston Center for Arts and Culture in Livingston, MT as well as being held in permanent collections at the University of Wyoming and Montana State University. He is also the recipient of multiple project grants from Montana State University during his time there.

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