Whenever I go home, I walk by my elementary school, just a few blocks for my childhood home. For me, these formative years meant a sense of freedom, of innocence, and a feeling of growth. As I grow older, and enter true adulthood, however, these memories start to crumble, literally and figuratively, as I remember fewer specifics of the times I spent playing with friends after lunch, and notice more of the cracks in the over 150-year-old building that I spent my first years of education in. These memories I have, however, simultaneously feel devoid of place and time, and like these fleeting images in my mind could have belonged to any child, in any school, on any playground in America. This series is my attempt to work through this fading of memory, and to understand what these educational spaces may look like long after the memories have faded.

This was a final project for PHOT 374 - Experimental Photography at Montana State University

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