Growing up surrounded by signs of humanity, I often wondered where these monoliths came from. These symbols of human exceptionalism, with their inexplicable ability to tame the wild, popped up, seemingly every day, from nowhere. But they came from somewhere, every one of them, and they will end up somewhere as well after their fall. What happens when the wild is untamable? What happens when it fights back? What happens in the aftermath of human exceptionalism? What happens when we lose that fight?
After the Storm is born of these questions. With this series, I try to understand what happens when the footprints of humanity are taken back by the soil that they exist as marks upon. These images are my understanding of our things, and what happens to them when we forget about them. Through this, I attempt to understand humanity, where we come from, and where we will end up, long after we are forgotten. Will we be taken back by the soil from which we were born? Or will these fixtures, and thereby humans, exist long after we are gone, and forgotten from the physical memory of this place we call home?

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