I think often of my family’s yearly trips to visit my grandfather in the foothills of eastern
Washington when I was young. Hot days, cool nights, and dusty air defined the best part of
every summer. Now, roaming the American West, surrounded by many of these same sights,
now in various states of disrepair, I feel a sense of melancholy nostalgia for a time long past - a
time before I was born. Surrounded by Americana and my family history, I built a sense of what
the past looked like, without having ever experienced it.

In Whiskey Ditch I explore this sad sense of nostalgia, and how these spaces are being occupied
by the newest generation of Americans. Is it possible to go back to this time that we feel
nostalgia for, and if we could – should we?

Whiskey Ditch is an evolving and ongoing body of work begun as my senior thesis at Montana State University

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